5 Winter Apparel Items You NEED

A layered paper art style illustration of a winter landscape. The foreground features white and gray bushes with intricate, swirling patterns, resembling snow-covered foliage. Snow-dusted pine trees rise in the middle ground, their branches distinct against the backdrop. Successive layers of hills and mountains in various shades of blue, gray, and white recede into the distance under a light gray sky. A flock of birds in a V-formation flies high above the serene, cold landscape.

Winter, with its chilly air and shorter days, poses unique challenges for equestrians. However, with the right apparel, riding during this season can be a comfortable and rewarding experience. When considering winter riding attire, it’s paramount to focus on warmth, mobility, and safety. Here are some recommended pieces to incorporate into your winter equestrian wardrobe:

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Heated Vest

ORORO Women’s Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack

Heated Pockets, Collar, and Mid-back
Up to 10 hours of heat
Water Resistant
Comfortable and Fashionable
2M+ Products Sold Worldwide

In the heart of winter, a heated vest is an innovative solution for staying comfortably warm. Unlike bulky layers, these vests provide direct, adjustable warmth without restricting movement, making them perfect for outdoor activities. They are lightweight and designed to distribute heat evenly, ensuring core body warmth. This targeted approach is more energy-efficient than whole-body heating options. Moreover, the vests are rechargeable, offering prolonged heat with easy-to-use temperature controls. Whether you’re commuting, hiking, or just enjoying the outdoors, a heated vest is a stylish, practical choice, offering the perfect balance of warmth and freedom.


Kerrits Thermo Tech Full Leg Tight

In-saddle accessible pockets
Flexible and Comfortable
Available in blue or black

In the grand theater of winter fashion, cold legs can feel like they’re caught in an epic drama titled “The Icy Brush of Brrrr.” Ever tried doing the cha-cha with chilled chaps? Or perhaps a sprint with semi-frozen shins? It’s a dance of awkward jiggles and comedic shivers. But with the embrace of warm pants, our legs transform from icicle impersonators to cozy columnists, ready to strut down winter’s runway with sass. Cold, meet the might of our thermal trousers. Score: Legs 1, Winter 0.

Winter Jacket

Under Armour Women’s Authentics ColdGear 1/2 Zip T-Shirt

Available in Black, Blue, White, or Red
Ultra-warm, fast-drying exterior
4-way stretch moves better in any direction
1/2 zip front for easy layering

There’s a chilly breeze afoot, and your torso is auditioning for the role of “Antarctic Explorer Without a Map.” A cold chest can make one’s upper body act like it’s part of a dramatic mime performance—stiff, exaggerated, and just plain chilly-willy. But slip on a warm jacket, and suddenly, you’re the star of your musical, belting out ballads of warmth and comfort. Gone are the goosebumps, replaced by the jubilant jigs of a toasty torso. Bravo, warm jacket, for turning us into the sensation of the winter season!

Winter Gloves

Roeckl Roeck-Grip Winter Unisex Gloves

Resilient and breathable

Let’s face it: fingers, when left to fend for themselves in the icy realms of winter, can often resemble miniature ice pops, frozen and unwieldy. Imagine trying to send a text with popsicle pinkies or attempting to grab your steaming mug of cocoa—fiascos waiting to happen! Cold fingers, aside from throwing a wrench in our dexterous ambitions, can transform the most elegant hand gestures into stiff, comedic flails. Enter the noble glove, our trusty sidekick, saving our digits from frigid doom and ensuring our touchscreen scrolling remains fluid and our handshakes firm. Because, let’s be honest, while frosty fingers might make for a good chuckle, there’s nothing quite like the triumphant feeling of waving a perfectly warm hand in the face of winter’s chill. Gloves on, world conquered!


Hatromm Winter Headbands for Women Wool 2 Pack, Ear Warmers for Women Headband Knit Thick Fleece Lined, Cold Weather Warm Ear Muffs

Multiple Colors
Warm Wool Material

Your ears, perched on the side of your head, can sometimes feel like they’re on the chilly front lines, waving white flags of frosty surrender. It’s as if they’re yelling, “Why, oh why, did we not get the fluffy earmuff memo?” But with the timely rescue of a warm headband, those ears go from frosty flappers to heated heroes. It’s the headwear equivalent of a cozy hug, turning potential ear-icicles into toasty tunesmiths, harmonizing with winter instead of howling in cold despair. Three cheers for the headband, the unsung hero of the cranial crusades!

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