A photo of two equestrians and their horses at twilight. On the left, a woman stands holding the reins of a dark brown horse, both looking directly at the camera. She wears a green top, beige riding breeches, and a black helmet. On the right, a child in a pink top and beige breeches sits atop a smaller, bay horse, holding the reins and smiling at the camera. She wears a brown riding helmet. They are in an open field with white fences in the background, and the soft glow of sunset illuminates the scene.

Do Horses Sleep Standing Up? Demystifying Equine Sleep Patterns

Yes and no. Horses can catch light sleep or ‘doze’ while standing due to a unique arrangement of muscles and ligaments called the “stay apparatus”. However, for REM (deep) sleep, which is crucial for their overall health, they need to lie down.